How to improve the body language

How to improve the body language 1
How to improve the body language 1

Your body language tends to describe your personality and tells about how are your well beings. It’s important to present yourself in front of anyone with genuine traits. This article is going to help you to improve your body language that will later make you with a charming personality. 


Starting everything with a smile will not only brighten your day but it will make others around you smile too.

Keep an open space befor your upper toroso

You some actipns are highly noticed like dont fold your arms, hug your bag or put things on your lap, playing with your hands, sitting with your legs wide open etc.

Have eye contact

Always maintain an eye contact when you are talking to anybody because it is important to establish connection.

Be comfortable in your space

Don’t fidget, don’t squirm or don’t lose yourself in your bidy.

Minimize movement that distracts

Don’t finger drum, nail bite, skin peel or scab pick.

Slow down your pace

People who have a habit of talking fast should move sloely if you have to adjust your position.

Be inclusive in your actions

Reduce the physical distance between you and the other person, smile, maintain eye contact, and make occasional gestures towards the other person.

Be open with emotions

If you are sad, happy or suriprised then show that on your face.

Pace yourself to match the other person

At the end of the day, everyone is different. Assess each person individually and adopt the body language that will help you best contact witn him/her.


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