Tips on how to study while sick


This month is not serving anyone good. New viruses, infections, flu are conquering every person and students are in fear of what to do as their exams are heading towards them. Preparing for exams can be very stressful and overwhelming but studying while you’re sick can be a real trial. Here are some tips on how to study when you are sick.

  1. Go to the doctor and take your medicines.
  2. Drink lots of water and eat healthy snacks.
  3. Text your teacher if you have missed any class.
  4. Get enough rest, but don’t wear your pajamas all day.
  5. Take caffeine in moderation to study and concentrate.
  6. Divide up your study plans into small, 15-30 minute chunks.
  7. Do the easy task that doesn’t require much thinking and memorizing.
  8. Try not to study on your bed that will make you feel sleepy.
  9. Keep your room clean, sanitized and ventilated.
  10. Check out your school policy on illness.


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