Tips for Board Examination


As this year you are going to appear for the boards. This year will be very important for you and your family as you are going to step the first stairs of your career. This year will place a lot of demands on you, both physically and mentally. Here are a few tips that will help you handle the examination stress comfortably and smoothly.

A fortnight before the exam

  • Study regularly and follow a time-table correctly.
  • Maintain a healthy life. eat home-cooked food and exercise 30 minutes every day.
  • Don’t compare yourself with friends. Motivate yourself with positive thoughts.
  • Get up early to study and sleep on time. Correcting the body-clock later will become difficult.
  • Have family time daily.

The day before the exam

  • Revise the important aspects carefully.
  • Do not study late into the night. Try to have at least 7 hours of sleep.
  • Do the light physical activity for 30 minutes to relax your mind.

Before entering the examination hall

  • Reach on time to the examination hall. Reaching late will only add to the anxiety.
  • Avoid discussing your preparation with friends because comparisons won’t help.
  • Motivate yourself. Think “I am well prepared, I can do this.”

In the examination hall

  • Settle down and calm yourself.
  • Check you have everything you need – admit-card, watch, stationary.
  • Do a short relaxation routine. take a deep breath in, hold the breath for 5-6 seconds and exhale.
  • Anxiety is natural. try to calm yourself and focus on the task.
  • Read the question paper properly – don’t rush.
  • Time yourself – utilize time effectively.
  • If you don’t a question, don’t fret and waste time over it. Leave space and come back to it later.
  • Work neatly and write legibly. Leave 3-4 empty lines after every answer so that you can add something later during revision if required.
  • Don’t worry bout how many supplementary sheets others are taking – focus on your paper.
  • Try to revise towards the end.

After the exam

  • Don’t discuss the question paper immediately with a friend. What is done is done.
  • At home, relax for a short while before resuming studies.
  • Don’t let the previous paper’s performance impact your preparation for the next exam.

Stay Positive, work hard, make it happen.


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