Reasons to put your phone away


One of the other people is phone conscious. No-one can live without a phone nowadays. Your phone is becoming more and more dominating on you. You spend hours and hours on your phone, rather than enjoying yourself in nature or having some quality time with friends and family. We are connected by our closed ones through the phone but we are not connected with them emotionally. Here are some reasons that you should put your phone aside and have a quality life.

1. Lowers Concentration

The more fresh and active you are in the morning and as soon as you start studying in the morning you are 90% active at that moment and you retain everything perfectly but as soon as you use your phone out while doing homework or revision, your performance tends you be decreased by 20%. Using an excess of the phone will make your performance graph more decrease.

2. Increases FOMO

FOMO is Fear of Missing Out.It is the compulsive need to know what others are doing leads you to indulge in worse moods and increased anxiety. Your phone plays a very important role in your emotions. It can make you from lively to dull, from happy to sad, from joy to anxiety.

3. Increases Stress and Anxiety

The overuse of mobile phones leads to increased anxiety, feeling of loneliness and low self-esteem. Reliance on mobile phones can cause irritation, frustration, and impatience.

4. Warps Your View of Reality

People you see on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc are not so happy as they have seen on these. You see your friends on social networking sites being happy and that makes you feel sad sitting at home, but they aren’t as happy as you are seeing them.

5. Reduces Memory

Instant messages are distracting, which often leads to forgetfulness. You don’t even analyze that you spent hours and hours on your phone chatting away and if you have a fight with your friend on chat your whole day becomes worst and you tend to stop getting quality time with your family members. Your studying hours get decreased, you don’t indulge effective study and all your active memory is going into simply messaging.

6. Makes You Sleep Worse

The prolonged use of a mobile phone leads to poor sleep quality and duration. The backlight on your phone delays to release of Melatonin, which is a hormone important for sleep. Your mobile phone emits out some radiations that directly affect your eyes and lead you not to sleep well.

These are some reasons to put your phone away. As you can see that phone is being very distracting for you and is not letting you be in social life with your friends and family, so it’s time to shut down your phone. Try to minimize the use of your phone. Use your phone as and when required. You need to have a superb life so don’t let your mobile phone dominate over you.


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