How to study for an exam without cramming


Cramming means to study continuously for a short period of time just before your exam. Everyone has a habit to study just before the night of the test and wish to just pass in the exams, but what happens when we sit in the examination hall and see the question paper we tend to forget everything we have studied the previous night or hour. Research shows that cramming leads to negative effects on your body and brain functions and then your exam results too. Here are some useful and effective tips for your upcoming examination.

Study Well and Before your exam

As soon as you get your datasheet, plan your schedule that day only. If you start from next week, then try to complete your syllabus well and before so that you don’t have sleepless nights just before the day of the exam instead utilize your last time for quick revision. Planning well and before will help you reduce anxiety from lack of time.

Identify Your Ideal Study Time

Identify the time when your attention and concentration is at its peak. Studying during these peak times allows you to breeze through tedious tasks like memorization.

Prioritize Difficult Chapters When Studying

Use your energy and brainpower on the more difficult chapters first because you will sit for studying with a fresh mind and that will help you grasp everything quickly and fine. Leave the easiest chapters for last.

Find A Conductive Place For Studying

Your study space plays a crucial factor in how you execute different tasks. So, you should choose a study space that allows you to focus and concentrate more. Remember that the place you choose for studying should be quiet, organized and free from distractions. Always prefer to study on your study table with a lamp rather than on the bed.

Take A Break and Relax

Do not overexert yourself into studying for hours and hours. You should take a break of 10 minutes after studying for 30 minutes or maximum to 1 hour. Studying continuously will lead to exhaustion that will prevent your brain from effectively absorbing information.

Eat Properly

Proper nourishment is necessary for the body to function properly. You need to take your studies seriously but not at the expense of your health. Researchers suggest eating leafy greens and carbohydrates are good for the brain.

Get Enough Sleep

A solid night’s sleep allows your brain to take a break and prepare for tedious mental activity.

Now you will for sure get good results in your exams. You need to follow this every time. Remember that last day cramming never works, so this examination you will go into examination hall will full preparation.



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