Being a Fiitjean how to balance school studies

Being a Fiitjean how to balance school studies

School studies are actually a way apart from fiitjee studies. Students that are actually serious with their career only join Fiitjee. Till the time you are in school you actually enjoy that schooling life but as you join fiitjee you get to know that as to what studies of IIT-JEE are all about.

School Studies

  • Teachers :

    School teachers are good or even bad too as every student has a different view of point towards their teachers. They will make you study each and every topic but limited to the school textbook only not beyond that. They are not that much qualified that they would help you to be a JEE Topper.

  • ¬†Infrastructure :

    The infrastructure of different schools is different. According to the status of the schools, the infrastructure is designed.

  • Study Material :

    If your school is CBSE affiliated you would get all NCERT books with all the chapters bundled in a single book and if you are in different state boards school there books would be different with a limited number of questions in them.

  • Tests :

    Lots of tests are held in schools. Test held in school are Unit tests (UT), Formative Assesment (FA), Summative Assesment (SA), Final exams etc.


Teachers :

  • The faculty of FIITJEE is too good. All the teachers are passed out from IIT-JEE. According to the student’s teachers are allocated to them. They have the experience as to what would be the pattern of the paper. The teachers are very friendly and actually, you will enjoy studying there.
  • Infrastructure :

    The infrastructure of the FIITJEE is very good. They have big classrooms with all types of basic necessities like the air-conditioner. The environment of classes is very lively and friendly.

  • Study Material :

    Fiitjee provides thin booklets of one single chapter containing all the topics of the chapters with question answers, exercises and chapter problem practice tests. There would also provide you with the archive of JEE which would contain all the sample papers of JEE of last thirty years. You would be provided with Workbook also which would contain all the extra questions of the chapters.

  • Doubt Clearing :

    As the faculty of the fiitjee is very good they be friendly with the students also. They accept each and every doubt of the students be it the most minimal doubt or based on the conceptual. After completion of every two chapters doubt classes are held.

  • Tests :

    Lots of tests are held in FIITJEE. There would be Weekly test, Phase tests, Aiits, JEE-Mains test, JEE-Advanced test etc.

Clashes Between School Studies and FIITJEE studies.

School studies and FIITJEE studies would be a great apart from each other. The concepts of both the places would be completely different be it the same chapter only. Sometimes what happens in school some different chapter is going on and in FIITJEE some different chapter is going on. The study pace of school is very fast as they have to complete their syllabus as soon as possible because they have a deadline for examinations whereas in FIITJEE the study pace would be slow because they don’t believe in completing their syllabus as soon as possible but they believe in understanding the concept more nicely more effectively as they learn beyond that. This is where students get stressed and get difficulty in studies.

How to balance both FIITJEE and School Studies

Your main focus should be on FIITJEE studies because this is the only place which will help you to reach the peak of IIT. If you are doing good in FIITJEE you focus well on FIITJEE then you would feel easy to cope up with school studies. You will feel that school studies are very easy only and only when you are focusing on FIITJEE.
So the problem comes when different chapters are going on in school and in FIITJEE at that time you should take some break and complete the chapter that is being taught in the school and see clear all your doubts from school as well as from FIITJEE also.

For sure you will succeed with flying colours. Many hurdles and many problems will be there but you should have the courage and to fight that problem.


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