What is Histology?

What is Histology

Microscopic study of tissue of plants and animals is known as Histology. The word Histology is has a meaning i.e Histos meaning Tissue and Logous meaning Study.

Genetics is a branch of biology which deals with the mechanism of transmission of characters from one generation to next generation. The founders of this term Genetics are Greg and Johann Mendel. They told us that genetics is the transmission of characters. At that time he did not know chromosomes and genes. According to Mendel some factors were only responsible for the transmission of characters from one generation to upcoming ones.

The erosion of complex form of life from simple ones by slow or gradual changes is known as evolution. Robert Charles Darwin is honoured as ‘Father of Evolution’. For research he spend 25 years with plants and animals. He made a sea voyage too and the name of his ship was HMS Beagle.

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