Pranav Goyal JEE Advanced 2018 Topper

JEE Advanced Topper 2018

Pranav Goyal has topped the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Advanced examination by securing 337 marks out of 360.

Biography IIT Topper Pranav Goyal

Pranav Goyal lives in Chandigarh. He lives with his grandparents, Parents and younger brother. He studied at Bhavan Vidyalaya Panchkula a CBSE affiliated school and took coaching classes from Sri Chaitanya Institute in Chandigarh. His father Mr Pankaj Goyal is a businessman and is a Director of Pharma company whereas his mom Mrs Mamta Goyal also runs a business.

IIT Topper Pranav Goyal class XII marks

He has secured 97.2% in class XII boards. His main interest in seeking engineering was due to his interest in Physics and Mathematics. He started preparing for IIT JEE from class XI, continuously worked hard for two years and made a mind map to get an AIR under top 10 in JEE Advanced. His main motive is to go for Computer Science in IIT because of his interest in programming.

Study Plan of Pranav Goyal

He usually starts studying from 9:00 am in the working followed by short breaks in between and would continue his studies till 10:00 pm. He would watch Shinchan and would use Facebook and Youtube or would play cricket with his friends just to relax. Overall he studied for 9 hours a day.

IIT preparation strategy of topper Pranav Goyal

His preparation strategy was to only focus on the concepts of the subject. He memorized all the formula and important notes at the end. He faced problems in Chemistry the most as he had some problems in memorizing Organic and Inorganic Chemistry. He found Physics easy as he loved numerical questions the most and the concepts were based on previously studied concepts. He considered Maths to be the toughest as it required severe solving skills and there were unexpected tricks.

Books and Study Material he preferred

He solved at least 8-9 previous year papers. He preferred H.C Verma for Physics, Pradeep for Chemistry and Physics theory, Solomon & Fryhle for Organic Chemistry and S.L. Loney for Mathematics.

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