Information About Physiology

Physiology is the branch of biology which deals with the study of life processes that will continue further.

Here are some interesting facts that you may don’t know¬†:

Smallest cell in human body Red Blood Cells (RBC)
Longest cell in human body Nerve Cell / Neuron
Largest cell in human body Ovum / Egg cell
Largest cell in animal kingdom Ostrich Egg
Largest cell in plant kingdom Acetabularia (Green Alga)
Flightless birds Penguin, Kiwi, Emo and Ostrich
Smallest bird Humming Bird
World tallest tree Red Wood Tree (114m long)
Largest Seed Coconut
Smallest Flower Wolffia
Largest Flower Rafflesia
No. of bones in human body 206
No. of bones in new born baby 300
Largest bone in human body Femur (Thigh Bone)
Strongest bone in human body Mandible
Photosynthetic Roots (Green Roots) Trapa
Amount of blood in a healthy person 5 litres
Size of heart It is equal to one’s fist
Weight of heart Male – 300g
Female – 150g
Largest digestive gland Liver (weight – 6.1 kg)
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